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Clean Brake Environmental Project

The Clean Brake project has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark!

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The Clean Brake Project has been developed by young people at Blue River Academy who noticed pollution and vandalism in the local community. The young people visit the Ackers Site regularly and noticed that the site was gradually falling into disrepair. They had been working on a project about nclimate change at school saw how these could be linked together. They created a project to promote the use of bicycles in the local community, encouraging local residents to improve their health andreduce fuel emissions. The project will teach local residents about road safety while riding bikes andraise awareness about climate change.

The project will be taking place on the Ackers Site. Part of the project will be helping to clean up the Ackers Site. The young people will encourage local residents to volunteer on the site.


Clean Brake is a young people led project aiming to raise awareness about the ill effects of climate change and the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle. By making small adjustments to our lifestyle we can give ourselves a “clean brake”, and improve our own standard of life, reducing the damage we are causing to our environment.

We aim to

· Support 150 new people in the Sparkbrook/Sparkhill area to start riding bicycles to work and school in 3 months

· Refurbish 75 bikes to be provided to the community, through selling and leasing them

· Encourage 50 new community volunteers to support the Ackers Trust Site

· Teach local residents how to ride safely

· Raise awareness about environmental and health issues


1) Repairing old bikes and distributing to the community

Young people will be working with West Midlands Police and local residents to find old unwanted bikes and refurbish them. They will use these bikes to start a project teaching local residents about road safety while cycling and the health and environmental benefits of cycling. Through the refurbishment and selling of old bikes, the project will become self sustaining

2) Teaching local residents to how to cycle safely and use canel routes

The young people delivering the project will teach local residents to cycle safely using the roads and canal routes

3) Cleaning up a local conservation area

Young people will work on a conservation area in the local community to make it ecofriendly. They will use the skills gained in the climate change residential to raise awareness and get local residents involved in the project.

What will happen as a result of the Clean Brake Project?

· Local residents will lead a healthier lifestyle

· Young people will gain skills in marketing, project management, teamwork etc, improving their employability

· Young people will take a leadership role in the development of their local area

· Antisocial behaviour will be reduced in the local area through the provision of positive activities

· The negative impact of vandalism in local community will be repaired

· Increased engagement between local young people and the police

· The creation of a local youth forum of young people who come together to make decisions that affect the local area

The Clean Brake project has been featured in the Birmingham Mail.

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